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Why do I need rain gutters and down spouts?
Rain gutters are designed to protect your roof edge from dry rot and water. Make sure that all rain gutters are counter-flashed. In the State of California, all roof edges must be counter-flashed with 1x2" minimum, 2 inches under the roof and 1 inch down the inside of the rain gutter.

Rain gutters installed with just a wing or lip on the back of the gutter are only about 3/4 inches wide or less. We have found that if you leave the back of the gutter straight or flat, it give us the ability to make the water drain where we need it to, not just where the roof slopes to.

DOWN-SPOUTS and OUTLETS are just as important as your rain gutter. Properly installed down-spouts can add a fresh look to your trim or match the walls for a less noticeable down spout. With our almost seamless down-spouts, we offer you the best looking and clog-free down-spout in the industry. Your down-spouts are designed to stop water damage to your foundation, patios, walk ways and driveway and much more. Your home and business are large investments. Water Damage is preventable. DON'T WAIT!
GUTTER SCREENS AND COVERS. Gutter screens come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Gutter Glove is just one of the top rated products we offer to keep your gutter running and clog free. Solid covers offer you the ability to build a style that looks best, as well as works.

FACIA OR OPEN RAFTER TAILS. Most Gutter Systems are designed to be installed with or without facia boards. Facia boards help to keep rafter tails straight and square. If you add a facia board after your roof is on, your roof will be short and will need to have an extra wide flashing.

CLEANING AND REPAIRS. Cleaning rain gutters is a job best left to your rain gutter specialist, but if you're a do-it-yourself person, you can look too. Clean your gutters 2 to 4 times a year. The best time to do this is when it is dry. You will need a ladder, bucket, bags and a soft scraper.
Why do I have a drip from my roof edge to my deck, patio, walk ways and end caps?
Most rain gutter systems are designed the same way. The end caps are level with the front and back of the gutter. This is too low to capture the wind blown water or the drip from the roof edge. We listened to you and have a new end cap that greatly reduces these problems, but also gives us the ability to open up the top of the rain gutter. This, on an inside corner, helps greatly to stop overflow during a hard rain. By manufacturing our own products, we offer you more choices.
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